Cruise Styles

So many styles to choose from.

The term “cruise” encompasses many styles. Our varied partners offer a full range of cruise options, including:
River Cruise
River cruising allows for choice. Partake in daily excursions, or relax on board while enjoying views of villages, hamlets, and pastoral vineyards. Gourmet cuisine and fine wines are often a focus.
Polar Cruise
Arctic and Antarctic cruises allow for up-close exploration of a wealth of natural wonders. Glide amongst glaciers while spotting polar wildlife. Many polar cruises offer kayaking and paddle-boarding thru the ice floes.
Ocean Cruise
Ocean voyages on small ships allow guests their choice of restaurants, entertainment, activities, and even boutique shopping. Cruise global coastlines, and enjoy excursions within the some of the world’s most popular cities.
Barge Cruise
A barge cruise provides for a luxurious, elegant and intimate vacation. Typically limited to 12 or fewer passengers, emphasis is placed on gourmet cuisine, wine, daily excursions, and exclusivity.
Rails to River
Explore more by combining a luxurious river cruise with immersive rail travel. We can curate a seamless journey which allows for ultimate discovery of your region of choice.
These action-packed cruises are a great fit for the curious. With a focus on nature, wildlife, and culture, dedicated guides lead guests to some of the globe’s more remote destinations.

What are we working on?

A long-time client is renting a villa in the South of France for his family of 10 for an extended stay. Full concierge services and activities for the multi-generational family.
-Privacy requested
Atlanta, GA
Four adults are traveling thru Italy with a focus on food, wine, Ferrari & ending with Lake Como.
S. Singh
Phoenix, AZ
As a part of an annual ritual, Diane Rehm is hosting a cruise - this time around Iceland. For 17 years, we have been honored to partner with her in showing her listeners the world.
Diane Rehm
Washington, D.C.
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